Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Caitlyn and her new baby sister Natalie. As you can see, she is very happy to see her.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Natalie Lorraine Keller

On Monday January 26th, 2009. Natalie Lorraine Keller was welcomed into our loving family. Bridgit, and Natalie are both doing well. Caitlyn is excited to be a big sister. We will have more details and pictures later She weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces. and is 21 inches long. She was born at 4:20 p.m.

Get ready for Baby Keller!!!!!

Just to let everyone know, we are planning on the arrival of our second daughter tomorrow. The doctor decided last week to induce Bridgit's labor on Monday. So keep them both in your thoughts. We will post a name and details as soon as they are both safe and recovering.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day

We finally got some more snow after it all melted away. Caitlyn was so excited to go out and play that I commissioned the neighbor (Faith and Grace) to let her tag along with them. They are the best with Caitlyn and she was so excited to go out with them.

Grace helped Caitlyn up the stairs and then was very careful to make sure she could get on the slide with all her clothes on.

The end result... Caitlyn loved it!

Of course who said you can't swing in the middle of the winter. Even though the girls tried really hard to help her on the swing, they didn't figure it out and finally gave up and moved on to something else.

GoGurt a good idea? i don't think so...

Well it seems like all kids love GoGurt and I have seen many kids eat it with no problems. My child, not so much. Look Mom, Paint. Yup, you see it, Caitlyn painted the table with her GoGurt and I don't think even once tried to eat it out of that tube. So, there are still 5 tubes of GoGurt in my fridge that I am not brave enough to give her yet. I am thinking there are some neighbor girls that might like it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some final Christmas stuff

Caitlyn also got her very own princess tent to play in.

Caitlyn and her friend Stacia gave themselves matching p.j.'s for christmas

We had to get a picture of her with the christmas bear to see how much she has grown from last year. You can see the difference for yourself.

Here is a picture with Chris' Mother and Stepfather

"Papa"'s birthday

Caitlyn got to help make her "papa" Tony's birthday cake this year.

She even got to help him blow out the candles. Happy birthday Tony!

Wisconsin Snow

They have had a lot more snow in Wisconsin than we have in Iowa, so Cailtyn had a lot of fun trying to play in it.

Christmas in Wisconsin

We spent the whole week of Christmas in Wisconsin this year with Bridgit's family. We had a great time. Caitlyn got to see her grandparent's, aunt's and uncles, and cousins. she had a blast the whole week. Here she is with Santa and "papa" on Christmas eve.
Caitlyn loved the dollhouse Santa got her

She even had fun with all the leftover wrapping paper.

Her cousin Charlie got a set of nerf tag guns. Cailtyn got ahold of one and had a blast running around shooting at things. She laughed so hard every time the gun fired.

We went to Bridgit's godmother Lorraine's for lunch Christmas day. somebody was getting growly so "aunt shell" had to help her out for awhile. You can tell by the picture she is most likely saying "NO".