Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Famous Caitlyn Sayings

A friend at work gave me an idea to capture some of the funny phrases that Caitlyn has started to bring into our lives.

1. "You wait right there, I be right back" I couldn't believe it when this came out of her mouth and gaurenteed I did not keep a straight face
2. "Don't worry, I fine" Of course this was said to her dad as he was trying to help her do something his way.
3. "I'm not going to bed, I don't like it" Of course you can guess when this comes up
4. "I want to go home" Of course this is said about 20 minutes into any trip we take and as most of you know, our trips are usually several hours long. Then when we finally do get home, I all we hear is "I want to go to Aunt Wacey's (Lacey translated)" That was the last place we went so she is always wanting to go back.
5. "What Happen" If she sees a scratch or you look upset, you can count on this coming at you.

As I think of more I will need to add to this and make a top 10 listing or something like that.

2nd Birthday

I can't believe that my baby girl is already 2 years old. Realistically, she has been in the terrible two's for quite some time but I really think they got worse after Saturday! Is that possible?!?!? We celebrated on Saturday with a group of our friends and then on Sunday with Chris's family. I believe fun was had by all. You will see from the pictures, that her dad has spoiled her and gotten her a bounce house. The limit on it says 250 pounds so of course he had to try it out, didn't go so hot and of course I didn't have the camera to see the house closing in on him. When he jumped in, the connection to the air blower came off and down came the house. Good thing Caitlyn wasn't there to see that happen.

I will put a few pictures of the party in here so everyone can enjoy them.

The bounce house

My Mom had gotten Caitlyn this trampoline for her b-day and some of the other kids were trying it out also. I am a bad neighbor and can't tell for sure which twin this is. My guess is Jenny so I am sorry if I got it wrong! :)

Every gift got the same gasp of air as she opened it. It was pretty funny but hard to capture on camera.

The cake eating.. you can see that things were going to good but then....

Someone (Johanna) gave her the idea that her Care Bear could so swimming in the ice cream after it melted. Thanks! :)

You can almost see it in Jayden's eyes "Man your going to be getting into some big trouble". But don't let you be fooled by that innocent look on his face....

James just wanted to get involved in it also. His mom thought it was all funny while Caitlyn was getting dirty, but as soon as the red headed boys started to join in, it wasn't as funny any more. Right Amy!!!

I didn't get any pictures of it, but by the time the Flugge-Smith's left our house. The three kids (Jayden, Caitlyn and James) had so much sand on them that I think we might need to put some more in the sand box. But they had a blast and the parents learned to just let it go and let them have fun!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day in Missouri

We spent the Labor Day week-end with Bridgit's family at her sister house in southern Missouri. Lacey and Jason were kind enough to have us all down for the holiday. Plus this way we could celebrate their daughter Ebanie's birthday. They even let Caitlyn celebrate a week early too. The scenery is beautiful. Jason took us sightseeing all over.

Here are all the kid's playing with their toy's

Here the two birthday girls are opening their gifts.

Jason took us to some natural springs we will try to get some more pictures up later.

The Waukee Fall Festival

Waukee had their fall festival two weeks ago. Here is Stacia, Caitlyn, and Chelsea at the parade.

They had inflatable rides for the kids to play on.

Chelsea had to help Caitlyn climb the obstacle.

Chris had to go up and get cailtyn after she wouldn't come down the slide. It took several attempts, he kept falling down just short of the top

Week-end visitors

Caitlyn's Grandpa & Grandma Bowe came down to see her two weeks ago. She had to show them her Care Bear plate.

Fun at the State Fair

We also went to the Iowa State Fair in the middle of August. Here are some pictures of Caitlyn at the Little Hands On The Farm display. Bridgit, Caitlyn, and Jared are planting some seeds in the garden.

Here is Caitlyn looking through the hole on the "Tractor"

Caitlyn and Chris road down the giant slide twice, she still wanted to go again were walking away.

Theirs always lots of walking to do at the fair!

Our Little CareBear!

Some time ago we bought Caitlyn a Care Bear costume. A couple of weeks ago she tried it on. Care Bears are her favorite thing right now, as you can see she really liked it. She didn't want to take it off for awhile.