Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sparkly witches hat!!

Caitlyn has a book that we always read to her, and in that book is a page about a sparkly witches hat. So when we where thrift sailing this past weekend, we couldn't help ourselves when we found a sparkly witches hat of our own.

Hot Air Balloon

Last week we saw a hot air balloon go right over our house. Caitlyn really enjoyed watching it fly over, and waving to the people in it. I also just thought it was a cool picture.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jumperoo, Jumperoo.

We got out the Jumperoo for Natalie to try out recently. She likes it, however as you can see it might take her a little while to get the full hang of it.

One last stop.

We made one more Easter stop on the way out of town. Bridgit's godmother Lorraine was kind enough to let us stop by during her family's brunch. Caitlyn got to see a bunch of her cousin's for a little bit longer. They even had one more Easter egg hunt.

Easter in Wisconsin

We spent Easter weekend in wisconsin with Bridgit's family.
They had an easter egg hunt for the kid's at Josh's house. Caitlyn and her cousin Nathaniel had a blast.

Caitlyn, Natalie, and Nathaniel.

We stayed at Nick and Ashley's house this time, and wouldn't you know it the Easter Bunny somehow knew where to find Caitlyn, and Natalie. He did however hide the girl's easter bascket's. Caitlyn had to find them both that morning.

Mommy, daddy, look what the easter bunny hid inthe cloathes dryer.

The kids enjoyed all the goodies they found.

A bridal shower.

Bridgit along with her mother, and Aunt Lorraine helped to host a bridal shower for her future sister-in-law Lyndsay. All the women had a great time.
Bridgit with Michelle, and Kate.

All the women played game's, and had some great food.

The girl's with their Great-Aunt Lorraine Gardow.

Playing Princess

Making Easter Eggs.

Caitlyn and her mommy made easter eggs together with the help of some friends. The only problem was that she did not want to eat any of them at easter time.