Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A day at the Zoo!

This Saturday we went to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines

Here we are at the giraffe exhibit, you can feed them if you want too.
We might have to make this our new blog family picture, what does everyone think? Or should we use the one on the camel?

We had to wait in line for awhile but finally we got to ride the camel. Caitlyn said we all had to ride it. She really liked it, afterwards she said she liked riding the horsey.
At the petting zoo Caitlyn fed some billy goats, just not this one anyway.
We also saw a bunch of monkey's (eastsider's).
The seal's were swimming all morning.
And finally, the king of the jungle (ROAR).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Team Pizza Ranch!!!

Here is the first picture of our co-ed softball team. The Pizza Ranch in waukee was awesome enough to sponsor us. Were going 0-3 in our games, but were just hitting our stride and getting better every game.

Thank you Laura Metzger!

A couple of months ago my cousin Laura, and her husband Len were kind enough to send Caitlyn some of the clothes that she makes for her company- Young Traditions. Caitlyn just loves the clothes, she looks so cute in them. I have been trying to get a good picture of her in them to send to them, however she doesn't like to take pictures in the morning, and she usually gets them dirty at daycare. So far this is one of the best we have gotten. We can't tell them how grateful we are for the clothes. Caitlyn especially loves her pink towel with her name printed on it. If you are looking for some great little girls clothes check out their website. They custom make everything. The link is on the right side of our blog it's Young Tradition children's clothes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camping at BIlly's

Look daddy there's a camper back there!! Caitlyn kept thinking their was something wrong with the truck while we were pulling the camper.

Last week-end we camped "redneck style" The milsap twins were having their first birthday party at their hometown. They unlike us have a week-end home, we have a week-end trailer. So they invited us to pull down to Mesina and camp for the party. We had a great time, and the kids played all the time.

We slept like a big girl last week-end for the first time. In the camper we put her in one of the bed's and used a bed rail. She was so tired she went right down. In the morning however we woke up to footsteps in the camper and then somebody pulling at our toes at the foot of our bed.

Faith and Caitlyn playing around.

Ann's dad Joe got a new semi this spring, so he took all the kid's and several of the adults for a ride. They had a great time

They had a trampoline at billy's. Caitlyn had a blast jumping around on it!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ah, the joy's of painting.

Last week-end we did some more painting around the house. The main floor bathroom, and front-room were painted a two-tone light violet. We have been wanting to repaint them in a more earthtone's scheme. So we started, we finished the bathroom and the entry hall, now we have only 3 more walls to finish this week. After that it's up to the spare beadroom!

Her own Style!

We found Caitlyn walking around like this the other day. Aparently she has her own fashion sense.