Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 2009 Cyman Tri

This morning Chris took part in the 2009 Cyman. He had a great time doing it, Hopefully soon they will have the official scores posted online. He might have beat his previous time from another tri this spring. Caitlyn got to see her daddy swimming, biking, and running. She thought it was neat. She wants to do it with daddy when she gets bigger too.

One more way to get Caitlyn to go to sleep

Last weekend, Caitlyn would not take a nap one day. So after awhile, Chris needed to mail some letters at the post office. Caitlyn went with him, and they took the bike together. As you can see by the time they got home, Caitlyn took that nap anyway!

Rub-a-dub-dub 2 girls in a tub!

Caitlyn's 3rd birthday

Caitlyn's 3rd birthday was this past weekend. We would like to give a special thank you to all of our friends and family for sharing the big day with us. Also thank you all for the gifts, Caitlyn is lucky to be so spoiled. Bridgit spent a lot of time, and effort making Cailtyn's special princess cake. As well as one to put the candles on ( we thought it best to not burn up Sleeping Beauty's hair).
Grandpa Keller got her, her own princess' sleeping bag!
Mommy, and Daddy got her a big girl bike!
Which, as you can see. She took to immediately. We have had to go for rides around the block ever since. She can even go the long way, and do the whole mile.
Caitlyn, and her friends had a blast playing together.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun at the Zoo with grandma & grandpa

This past weekend we also went to the zoo with Grandma & Grandpa Burns.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look how big Natalie is getting

Fun at WaukeeFest

This past weekend was the Waukee Fest. The kids went uptown, and had a blast on the inflatable rides, slides, and obstacle course's.

Sandy's birthday cake

Last week Bridgit made a princess birthday cake for our friend Sandy, I think it turned out really well. It is a trial cake, Caitlyn wants one similar for her birthday cake.

Water babies

Caitlyn, and Natalie have both been taking water babies class' at the Y recently. As you can see they both love the water, and being in the pool.

Making brownies!

A little while ago Bridgit and Caitlyn made brownies together, her is caitlyn's idea of helping to clean up.


This week Caitlyn started gymnastics, and she loved it, She can not wait to go back next week.