Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Dragon

Since thier has been such a huge responce from all of you wanting to see more pictures of Dragon, we rushed right out and took these. These are of dragon during his normal workday.

Some father daughter fun-time

Chris and Caitlyn were having a blast last night chasing each-other around the house and just giggling back and forth at each-other

Caitlyn and Grandpa Mike

Chris' birthday

Last week-end was chris' 29th birthday. He celebrated by going downtown Friday night with a couple of good friends, and going out Sunday night to Outback Steackhouse with some more friends of ours.

Chris had Mike pick up this pedal tractor and deliver it for him. It is a replica of the Allis-Chalmers WD-45 that he owns. Caitlyn did not want to get on it at first because it wasn't like her green one(an Oliver 770).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sue's 50th B-Day Party

Bridgit's mother Sue just celebrated her 50th bithday, The siblings came home to throw her a party. Here are some of the pictures.

Chris and Basham taking a little siesta.

The grandkid's

Caitlyn and Nathanial

Bridgit and Katy

Fun at Pat & Jeff's

This weekend we were in Woodbury to see Bridgit's cousins Jeff, Pat, Ryan, and Lauren Mathis. We got quite a bit of kid's stuff for Caitlyn, due to thier annual citywide thrift-sale. Chris got a dragon, with pictures of it to appear later. Caitlyn had fun with Lauren, and Ryan. Bridgit had fun with Pat, and Michelle who happened to be thier too. Maybe a little to much fun!

Our little climber!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garage sale finds...

This past weekend was the Waukee garage sales and of course the city workers get to start a little early....

Chris found a great deal on a cat house, or should I say Caitlyn play house. You can see she has her cup and the newspaper in the top section and the bottom is all hers. Out with the cats!

Me and my daddy

Chris mowed the lawn on Sunday and Caitlyn had to "help". So after Chris was done, he took her for a ride on the mower.

Visit from family

On their way home from Arkansas my mom and dad and brother and his finance stopped by to drop off some girl scout cookies and a bathroom break... ;)

Uncle Josh and Aunt Lindsay

Caitlyn with Mama and Papa

Getting a little to big....

The twins were done with the bouncy seat but Cailtyn sure wasn't. This was done all by herself and she sat there for about 15 minutes playing with the swing toys and the hanging bunny. The seat has made its way to our living room and she is still sitting in it. As you can tell she is a little to big for it. Ann, the swing can NOT come home any time soon!!!!