Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wild on the Weekend

This weekend was a blast for us. On Friday night we had dinner with our neighbors and had a great time. It is always a fun time with the Millsaps. Jennie was fascinated with the camera and took a picture of herself with (okay with a little help). I thought it was a pretty darn cute picture so I had to share.

Caitlyn didn't stop until we got home and then went straight to bed. I didn't hear a peep out of her until about 1:00 in the morning when I was so tired that I just brought her to bed with me. Luckily Chris fell asleep on the couch and stayed there all night.. :) Caitlyn and I got the big bed to ourselves.

I got to experience a little father-daughter fighting on Saturday morning. I could hear the two of them going at it in the spare bedroom. Pretty soon Caitlyn came and pulled my hand. I walked with her and she took me into the spare bedroom where she just started yelling at Chris. I did everything I could not to let her see me laughing. It was the funniest thing and she thought she was going to get away with yelling at Dad if she brought Mom is as reenforcements. If only we could have understood what she was saying because I think Chris was missing half of his butt afterwords, she chewed him a good one.

On Saturday Caitlyn and I got to rake the yard. My little helper was at it again, she was determined to help me out even if it meant pulling the leaves back to where I just raked them from. But we got the job done, well at least for the front yard.

Easter Egg Hunt at Aunt Sharon's house

Sunday we went up to the park in Clive for a little while after having a late Easter egg hunt at Chris's Aunt's house in Adel. Caitlyn had a blast at both but I think she liked the park better. We had to carry her to the car kicking and screaming!

Come on dad, hurry up.. what is taking you so long!

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