Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camping at BIlly's

Look daddy there's a camper back there!! Caitlyn kept thinking their was something wrong with the truck while we were pulling the camper.

Last week-end we camped "redneck style" The milsap twins were having their first birthday party at their hometown. They unlike us have a week-end home, we have a week-end trailer. So they invited us to pull down to Mesina and camp for the party. We had a great time, and the kids played all the time.

We slept like a big girl last week-end for the first time. In the camper we put her in one of the bed's and used a bed rail. She was so tired she went right down. In the morning however we woke up to footsteps in the camper and then somebody pulling at our toes at the foot of our bed.

Faith and Caitlyn playing around.

Ann's dad Joe got a new semi this spring, so he took all the kid's and several of the adults for a ride. They had a great time

They had a trampoline at billy's. Caitlyn had a blast jumping around on it!

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Tab said...

Sleeping like a big girl now - where does that time go. She is so cute. Love keeping up with you guys this way. I also like reading about the twins and I don't even know them. How fun!