Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chirstmas with the Staves

Over Thanksgiving my family decided to have Christmas also since Lacey was able to make it home. We all had a great time and the kids really enjoyed playing together. Caitlyn and Ebanie really got along and poor Nathaniel was trying hard to play with them but they kept locking him out of the room. Those girls.. I don't know what we will do with them.

Here are some random pictures. We had hoped to get a good group picture of the kids but someone always seemed to be sleeping at the time we could take a picture. Next time we will learn to take it right away in the morning rather then waiting for the meal or gifts. Caitlyn didn't even get to open gifts with everyone she was so tired. She pulled me upstairs, sat on the couch with me and was asleep in two minutes. Slept from 6:00pm to pretty much the next morning at 7:30 with the exception of 30 minutes she woke up when Grandma left.

Yes, we have manners most of the time but the roof looked so good!

Aidden and her barbie..

Uncle Josh and Aunt Lindsay

Lindsay took a picture of us before the fun began....

Caitlyn and Ebanie loved bouncing on the bed together.

Fun was had by all!

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