Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Trip to Wisconsin

Caitlyn holding Natalie at the hotel.
This past weekend we decided to make the first trip with two kids to Wisconsin. Of course since we were planning on driving up Thursday afternoon, a winter storm was forcasted. So instead we drove up to Woodbury on Wednesday afternoon and spent the evening at a hotel so Caitlyn could so swimming. In addition we got to see Pat, Ryan and Lauren. We spent the rest of the weekend in Chippewa visiting everyone. On Friday we also met up with Josh and Lindsay to get Caitlyn's dress for their wedding. As you can see from the pictures she wasn't very happy to have her picture taken, however she liked the dress so much I had a hard time getting her out of it.
Ryan and Caitlyn swimming. He was her hero that evening.

Josh, Lindsay and Natalie
Don't we just look happy to have a picture taken...

We went bowling for Charlie's birthday and Jon was helping Caitlyn with her skills... She lasted almost 6 frames which is good for her. She had a blast.

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