Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Famous Caitlyn Sayings

A friend at work gave me an idea to capture some of the funny phrases that Caitlyn has started to bring into our lives.

1. "You wait right there, I be right back" I couldn't believe it when this came out of her mouth and gaurenteed I did not keep a straight face
2. "Don't worry, I fine" Of course this was said to her dad as he was trying to help her do something his way.
3. "I'm not going to bed, I don't like it" Of course you can guess when this comes up
4. "I want to go home" Of course this is said about 20 minutes into any trip we take and as most of you know, our trips are usually several hours long. Then when we finally do get home, I all we hear is "I want to go to Aunt Wacey's (Lacey translated)" That was the last place we went so she is always wanting to go back.
5. "What Happen" If she sees a scratch or you look upset, you can count on this coming at you.

As I think of more I will need to add to this and make a top 10 listing or something like that.

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