Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Monday, March 17, 2008

18 Month Pictures

Well, this past week we attempted 18 month pictures twice. Yes, twice and the second time was not any better then the first time even after getting drugs for the ear infection! On Saturday morning Mom and I attempted to go and get pictures taken again. On the way into the mall, Caitlyn was in a great mood. She was bouncing like a bunny and laughing. We walked into Picture People and she was still in a pretty good mood. Then all of the sudden she grabbed by hand and tried to pull me out of the store. That started it all over again. I have attached the pictures from Picture People's web site and as you will see, we could only get 6 pictures out of the bunch taken and half of them aren't even that good. I have heard horror stories of how the 2 year pictures will go, at this rate I think I might just skip them!!!!

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Millsap Twins said...

Oh, Sweetie, I can feel your frustration! Good news is that the pictures are adorable. I love the close-up one of her. And the girls picture is great, too. She makes me laugh.