Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mad little girl

On Wednesday we attempted to have her 18 month pictures taken, man was that a disaster. She stood where the girl wanted her for one picture and then decided she wasn't going to have anything to do with that again. I would put her back on the red dot and then she would run to my lap again. We tried everything we can think of, I left the room, then Chris had to leave the room leaving my mom to try and get to to cooperate and that didn't work either. Needless to say, we struggled to get a few happy pictures and then I gave up and said we were done.

When I get the link from Target I will send them out and everyone can see. I wanted to just re-do the pictures another day but Chris found a couple that he wanted to order so we placed an order. I still might try to get some happy pictures.

Last night I found the reason why she was acting that way, nasty ear infection! Just before we leave to Colorado she gets an ear infection again. Hopefully she will be a happy girl by then because that 12 hour drive will be hard to take if she is crabby!

So last night after we got home from the Dr, she wanted to go outside to play with Faith and Grace. Well of course, if Faith and Grace can do something so can she so off we went stomping through the mud puddles and climbing the last remaining snow piles. It was a blast and I love the fact that she can experience things like this. But man did she get pissed at me when I wouldn't let her go knee deep in the snow/water/mud of the sand box. She wanted to do what Grace was doing but of course she didn't have long enough arms to run the rake through the snow/ice river and not get soaking wet. Gracie, I can't wait for her to get to be your age and have as much fun in life as you do! I just hope I can give Caitlyn the experiences in life like the neighbor kids do, they are some lucky kids that have great parents that aren't afraid to let them adventure.

Hopefully tonight goes better for us with 24 hours of medicine in. :)


Millsap Twins said...

I know the neighbors must shutter when they see my kids doing all that they do. I'm raising farm kids in the suburbs. I'm sorry!!! :)

Keller Family said...

No worries! I love the fact they are just like me when I was a kid and I know my daughter will get to experience all the fun parts of being a kid with your girls! I can't wait for Caitlyn to be old enough to come to the farm with you guys and have fun!!!