Our Girls!

Our Girls!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend with Family

Caitlyn with Charlie and Madie celebrating Charlie's 2nd real b-day!

This past weekend was a blast and so good to get away! Due to my bad luck of having to work all night on Wednesday, my boss gave me Thursday and Friday off so we headed to WI on Thursday morning to surprise everyone early. Of course since I was up at work all night, I crashed in the front seat and Chris had to drive and keep Caitlyn occupied until she fell asleep also. But they did well from what I was told.. I don't remember much of the trip up!

My highlight for the weekend was that Chris finally stopped at the Amish furniture place we have driving by a million times in rural WI and ordered a bedroom set! I can't wait for it to be done but he won't have it built for at least 6 months! We all know time flys so before to long it will be ready.

Caitlyn had a blast playing with cousins and getting spoiled by Aunt Michelle! We got home last night and Caitlyn found the plates that Michelle bought her and carried them everywhere. Caitlyn also got to see Grandpa and Grandma Bowe. Papa took her and Chris on a little trip with him and she was so excited to go Bye-bye.

I don't know if Chris has a highlight of the weekend other then getting away from Waukee and the snowplow! If anyone can believe it, we did not come home with any Lienenkugel's clothes or beer. We did however come home with 1 Spotted Cow glass that he had to have. For Chris that has to be a record for not visiting the Leinie's shop. Way to go Hon...

We can't wait to make the trip again and hopefully it will be sooner than later.

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JMGardow said...

Chris's memorable moments were either the kid cutting him and Chuck off in the go-karts or the Lazer tag with the kids!!! LOL I don't know who had more fun that night- Jon and Chris or the kids. :)

Ashley still does not like play Phase 10 thanks to us. :)